Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exciting Times in Texas

From the moment we got here (and even way before then), our family at GFA has been so wonderful. We have enjoyed Tuesday night prayer and all-night Friday night prayer with our family here. We have had so many yummy dinners prepared by some wonderful "chefs" that I am sure I have probably gained 10 lbs. We have had fun at the jump castle place here in Carrollton with our new family and we have all enjoyed going into the office at GFA and volunteering in the missions department. The kids have been able to stuff envelopes, shred old papers, and just be used in anyway they can. It has been so wonderful for them to see the workings of the ministry God has called us to and be a part of it themselves. Another exciting part is to be able to meet all the students from the School of Discipleship program. Dave and I love seeing the young people grow in their knowledge of the Bible, their walk with God, and to love Him in such an awesome way. They are so much fun to be around and last Tuesday night before prayer, we had such a wonderful dinner time sharing and getting to know them. I don't think I have laughed like that in such a long time!!

ALL glory and praise to God who has brought us here in His perfect timing!!

Where to begin????

Yes, I have been awful at posting lately (well, a little more than just lately :P). Things have happened in a whirlwind the past 2 months as only God can do things!!

I received a call from Dave the beginning of February and he said there may be a way for the kids and I to come be with him in Texas for 1-1/2 months. After that time, if the house did not sell, we would just come back to SC and wait. I was in shock and sooo super excited.
There was a family in Texas at the ministry who had been renting an apartment with their 2 children and had the opportunity to now move into a rental house. They did not want to break their lease so they asked if Dave would want to stay there - not subletting, just letting a friend stay there. After talking to them and leadership here at GFA, they all thought it would be wonderful to reunite our family together again and bring us to Texas to all stay at the apartment. We were sooo super excited and in about 5 days, got everything together and headed off on the 19hr journey to Texas.
The drive was wonderful. I had gotten Samson some sleepy pills and between that, music, and DVD's in the SUV, the ride was truly enjoyable. So much so that I had almost made it the entire 19hrs in one day but my sweet, smart, and loving husband encouraged us to stop for the night and drive the last 4 hrs in the morning.
We arrived in Texas - exactly 3 months after Dave had left!!
WOW, What a blessing God had given us in the waiting!! He is so good and I continue to praise Him and am in awe of how he does things -- more on that in the next few posts....