Monday, April 21, 2008

Well, hello all. We are doing ok - has been a crazy couple of weeks at our home. Andrew and Kira are doing wonderful as well and as most of you know already have had their interviews with the new christian school and passed with flying colors. They both did not get one thing wrong on their entrance exam -- can you tell I am a proud mama?!!! We have finally found the perfect dress for Kira for J and Bek's wedding and I must say she looks quite beautiful in it - hehe - no, no, no you must not see it before the wedding day :). Andrew will hopefully be fitted either this week or next for his tux as well - cannot wait to see them both at the wedding. Be still my heart :) Here are a few new pics of the kids. They are truly the light of our lives!!!! A few times lately we have found ourselves with some beautiful windy days and Dave and Andrew have enjoyed flying our shark kite. Also, a couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of attending the Flowertown Festival right here in Summerville, they had rides for the kids, taste of Summervill -mmmm, very yummy, and a whole bunch of local venders where you were able to buy from. Dave and I bought 2 beautiful prints from a local artist around here and are so excited about them. So enjoy some of the pics - we'll "talk" to ya soon!!!