Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kids bowl free...

The kids love to bowl and there is a wonderful program called "kids bowl free" - Check it out at their website. The whole program is free (hence the name) and all you do is sign up and your kids can bowl 2 games a day for the whole summer for free!! All you do is pay for shoe rental. You can even allow the whole family to join in for only $25 (we have not done this just because we don't have a lot of time). For a rainy summer afternoon, you can't beat it except that we here in the lowcountry of South Carolina do not know what a rainy summer afternoon is because we have had no rain in weeks but I digress...
Anyway, it is fun to go and see the kids bowl. Check it out - for our family, you can't beat free :)

School Days are over....

The end of the school year was really crazy this year. We had Kira's spring chorus program, 2 awards ceremonies, and fun end of the school year parties. The kids had fun this year at their school and the pics are proof.

The focus of Kira's chorus program was all dogs as you can see :) She was Brittany Basset Hound. She had a part in the play as well as being part of singing all the songs.

This is Kira at her awards program. She received a gold medal award for her A.R. reading program and a Chorus certificate.

This is Andrew at his awards ceremony. He received the top excellence in art award for the 4th grade and then received his award for patriot honor roll.

And this cute pic is just one thrown in because I think my kids are cute - hehe :)

Fun pics of home...

So... Let me take you back a month or so since I have been really bad about updating the blog. These are some pics from when I was home in Philly that I absolutely love. It was a joy to be back and see all my cousin's and their babies, and all my family. They are just tooooo cute!!

My aunt Kathy dancing with her son Brandon
The McCool's - well for me, formerly
My mom and I
My dad and his sisters (Susan, Ed, and Kathy)
My hansome brother Brent and I
My wonderful grandparents - Ed and Doris
My sweet daddy and I
Sweet Sava -- aka Savannah
My sweet Isaac
Handsome Hez (Hezekiah James)
Beautiful Abby
My handsome brother Free (aka Will) and me
Brent and I being goofy :P

And to sum up my crazy family, I think this quote says it best...

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown
I'll let you decide which is which :)

Yes, we are still alive...

In case you all were wondering where we have been on the blog :). Lots of fun craziness full of God's blessings that I will post soon :)