Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Festival Continued....

Family Fall Festival

We are so blessed to be able to attend a church that offers many things for families. Northwood Church put on a great family fall festival fun day on Sunday that we got to attend. It was so nice! We went to church that morning and then headed over to the festival for a great time of food, fellowship, friends, and fun! We were able to invite Kira's friend across the street Courtney as well as our friends Luciano, Kris, and Luca. Amy, Jessie, and Katie met us there as well. We had such a great time going on the rides, eating the yummy food, getting balloon animals made. It truly was a great time and Dave and I said it is definitely one of the nicest fall festivals we had ever been too! God is so good and we thank Northwood for doing this for families - I know it blessed us!

Fire Safety K-5 Style....

Kira was so excited the fire truck was coming to her school. She asked me to come meet her there to see the fire truck with her. (One of the things I love about their school is that they are always encouraging parents to be very involved in their child's activities as well as the school itself) Of course, I said YES!! We had a great time learning about fire safety and what to do when a fire happens. I am so blessed that I have the opportunity (even though I do work) to be so involved in my kids lives at school. I am treasuring all of it as much as I can! Remember that if you get fire on you, you must "STOP, DROP, and ROLL" and when you hear the "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP"of the smoke detector it means you need to "GO OUTSIDE".

Soccer in the Rain...

The day after Kira cheered at the football game, Andrew had a soccer game. It was raining, not just drizzling but truly raining, teetering on the edge of pouring!! Yes, they had the kids play in this. The game the week before was cancelled due to rain so they really were trying to get this game "in". I must confess that when we first heard that the game was not cancelled, we were not really happy. Can I just tell you that those thoughts completely went away when we saw our son play. He was amazing that day - he hit 4 head-balls, one being an assist to his teammate for a goal and then Andrew scored a beautiful goal right through the opposing teams goalies legs! We were so proud of him. Unfortunately I did not have my camera out since we were trying to stay dry under the umbrella but I will tell you there was a lot of mud on his uniform that day but it was soooo worth it!!!

Goooooo Chargers!!!

If you remember about a month ago Kira had gone to a cheerleading camp at the Christian Academy where they attend. She was so excited and even more excited to know that her mommy was a cheerleader in high school too! Well she did great!! It was so fun to see all the little girls cheering their hearts out. It was such a fun time for all of us to be at a high school football game again - brought back a lot of memories. It was neat to see Dave teaching Andrew all about the beloved game of football. Andrew kept asking questions about the game and the calls and his daddy was there to answer every question - such a great male bonding time for them - hehe. Here are some pics of Kira that night. We had a blast - looking forward to the future to see what God has in store for these amazing children of ours!!

The same day Sydney made her way into this world was the same day my good friend Cathy Pullen and her handsome boys DJ and Adam came to visit us all the way from PA!!!! It was so wonderful to have them her even for a brief time. The three of them are such wonderful children of God and I just love them deeply!! We had fun just catching up and reminiscing and just truly enjoying each other's company! What a blessing it is to have such amazing friendships! God is so good to us! Cathy as usual made me laugh almost the whole time she was here - to know her is to love her. She just loves to joke and smile - it is infectious and I love her for it! DJ was my little boyfriend when we lived back in Pa and now I see him growing into a pre-schooler. He is so sweet and I still just love him completely! Adam was just born not too much before we moved but to know him now is truly a blessing. What amazing little boys God has blessed Cathy and her husband Dale with! We love you Cathy and can't wait for you to come back to see us again!! You are a true friend and a blessing in my life!! Love you!!
Here are some photos of us here together - not lookin so lovely on my part but oh well, it was a great day!!

Sydney Caroline Brooks Birthday Arrival!!!

On Wednesday morning, October 15th at about 6:00 in the morning, I received a call from our wonderful friend Kristina that she was indeed in labor and about 8-9cm (Man, wish I was allowed an epidural - I was not calling anyone at that point - lol). I said I would drop off the kids at school and make my way to the hospital to hear the exciting news as to what this little peanut was (Jason and Kristina decided not to find out the sex of their baby). I was so excited all the way to the hospital - definitely a boy I thought. Much to our surprise with video camera in hand, Jason came out to indeed announce that "It's a Girl" We all just screamed (there were 4 of us waiting to hear the exciting news) - we were so excited that finally this little precious life was here!! Sydney Caroline Brooks came into this world to meet her mommy and daddy at 8:48am weighing 7lbs even and was 20 inches long!! She is beautiful and looks alot like her daddy but has her mommy's beautiful full lips!! It was such an honor and true joy for me to be there and share this amazing day with Jason and Kristina!! We love you Sydney and are so glad you are here!!!

Interview and new job for Dave....

Dave had an interview earlier this month for a new position at a new company and praise God, he got the job!! He will be working as a Network Engineer for Engineering Services Network. They are a company that does contract work for the government. We are all so proud of him and very blessed that this opportunity has come about. WooHoo - Way to go hunny, We love you!!

Sickness = Bernetich Family

Wow, where to begin - Sorry all for not posting in the last few weeks. So much has gone on but we have all been battling with sickness here in South Carolina and I have truly had no time to update. Hmmm, let's see.....
the last time I posted, Kira had just gotten sick after her field trip. Well, a week later, Andrew was treated with a 10 day course of antibiotics for strep/tonsilitis. About a week after that, Dave had gotten pneumonia and just went back to the doctors yesterday for another round of antibiotics and a steroid shot to make him feel better. Last week, Kira was back at the doctor's for her eczema that had flared up real bad and Andrew went the day after her back to the doc's for what they are considering asthma! And, yes, now me - I now have a nasty sinus infection that I am on antibiotics for. YUCK!!! I know God knows best and has a plan for us through all of this but I must say it really stinks to continue to go through all this sickness!!! Continue to pray for us as we all start to feel better. I will be updating the site today - so much has gone on since we last "chatted" :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A few more fun things from the Farm....

Had to laugh at that one

pretty horsey

This was so neat to read

the cross on the donkey

Happy cows can come from South Carolina too!

Just a reminder for you all that if you click on any picture, it will be enlarged for you to see it better :)

Pumpkin pickin and goat and cow feeding...

Kira's K-5 class

pretty girls

Feeding the goat

and the cow

Our friend - "Cactus Cow"

YAY - time to pick a pumpkin

look at all those pumpkins

We weren't allowed to pick the green ones

Amy and Jessie pickin a pumpkin

Kira and her perfect pumpkin

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go with Kira on her field trip to Legare Farms (pronounced Lagree for those of you non SC people). We had such a great time and would love to go back! We picked pumpkins and fed goats, and petted horses, and saw chickens and turkeys, and rode a hayride, and fed cows (what large tongues they have), and played on the playground, and even bought some yummy pumpkin butter!!
After taking quite a while, Kira found her perfect pumpkin and was able to pick it herself. It is proudly on display on our table right now! After we picked a pumpkin, we had a wonderful time feeding the goats who of course were quite messy when they ate. Kira just laughed at them. We got to see chickens and even some of the eggs they had laid. We were able to pet their beautiful horse who was just so sweet (wish you could have been there Dad!!!). After that we had lunch at the picnic tables under the beautiful shade of some massive trees and got to meet the dog from the farm too (he knows the right time to come out). We headed for the hayride and had a great time being covered in hay from Kira and her friends and that is where we took the ride out to the pasture and got to feed the cows. Kira was a little nervous because they warned us we would get slobbered on by their massive tongues. She finally fed one and loved it :) After that, it was playground and tire-swing fun for Kira while I bought some yummy pumpkin butter from the small store at the farm. Kira was exhausted and I was a wee bit worried since she really has an unlimited supply of energy - She fell asleep on the bus and then took a nap when we got home and I think she was "out" before her head even hit the pillow! Sure enough at the end of the day, she had gotten sick and has been running a fever. Well, God's timing was perfect in allowing her to have fun on the trip and not letting her miss it. We thank Him in and for everything!!
It was such a great time for me just enjoying the beauty of the farm for a day and seeing Kira run and play with her friends. It was wonderful because I got to go with a friend too. Jessie's mom Amy (Jessie is the one Kira takes ballet with) and I carpooled together and just had a great time enjoying each other's company, talking about how good our God is. What a blessing it was to enjoy the time with her. She is a true woman of God and I have grown to love her very much :)
Thank you God for such wonderful times and wonderful friends!! As Kira's friend Christian says when you ask her how she is --- "Blessed" and that is truly what I feel!!

Soccer practice featuring Andrew Bernetich....

Andrew's 2008 Soccer Team

Powerful kicks

Get after it

What a kick

Gooooooo Storm!!

I captured a few shots of Andrew at practice 2 weeks ago before his first game. He is such a good soccer player. They tied their first game 1-1 and really did a good job. The field this year is much larger than the one he played on last year and poor Andrew was dying. His coach had him play the whole game without taking him out once!! It was hot here too so he was pretty tired when he got home. I think he may have had an assist on the goal but I'm not completely sure. We are so proud of him either way. Goooooo Storm!!!!