Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Invited on a date :)

Have I told you how much I am utterly and completely in love with my hubby? No??? Well, I am!! Sure he drives me crazy sometimes (I know I drive him crazy too), but he truly loves me with all his heart and that makes me happy. This was my invite that he sent me yesterday. For those of you that have kids know that to get out and go on a date, it is hard! Especially if you do not have any family around. Small little times like this make my heart happy. It does not have to be a fancy restaurant (I love Olive Garden), I don't have to get super dressed up (but yes, I am going to wear a cute little summer dress), and it does not have to be all night (probably just 1 - 1.1/2 hrs) but it is just spending time with the one God gave me to share my life with and enjoying each other. I am blessed!!
So I don't know why I can't get it any bigger but this is what it said :)
You're Invited!
Come to lunch with your husband
When: Tomorrow
Where: Olive Garden
Time: 12:00pm

Oh, here is a pic of the amazing man God gave me (in all his splendor)!! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baseball continues...

For you daddy :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

So it has taken me a year or so....

YAY - Now you all will be able to leave comments since I just figured out that you have to allow it for every post -- uggh - never knew that before :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter/Spring Break Fun

The start of the weekend when Dave was well :P
(yes, he has been sick all week now too)
Ladder Ball - fun new game we bought
Kira just before getting sick and getting her new bike
(riding her brother's bike)
Sleepovers with Friends
Andrew and Tyler
(being silly of course)
Swinging and playing with friends
at Wanamaker Park
Just hangin' around :)
Stay tuned for more fun as spring break continues :)

Happy Easter (sick little girl style)

So, I cannot tell you how excited I was for Easter morning, to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior and to go to church with our family and get a family pic of us in our nice Easter clothes. Unfortunately it did not work out quite the way I had planned. Kira woke up with a 101 deg temperature, vomiting and she and I stayed home while the boys went to church. I actually read a couple of chapters in Matthew about the death and resurrection of Jesus to her and then the she slept almost the whole day :( I have no idea why I did not get a pic of my boys - uggh, and they looked so incredibly handsome!!

The dress
all laid out for the morning.
The girl, the next morning
sick in her bed

Hallelujah, Christ Arose!!!!

Matthew 28:6 -- He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.

Friday, April 2, 2010

For God so loved the world that He gave....

I was thinking of how significant today is for those of us that are believers! The day we celebrate the death of our Savior -- celebrate, isn't that kind of weird to say that we celebrate the death of our precious Savior. I was thinking as I was reading God's precious Word today - what if our Savior had never come, what if our God did not love us as much as He does, what if Jesus had not died and been risen again to life? How meaningless would this world and our lives be? But to know that that the creator of the universe came down in the form of a man and shed His blood for us, for those that believe and repent and follow the Savior and walk with Him, and obey His word, how truly sweet and amazing His love and grace and death really is!!! I celebrate my Savior's death because I know He has overcome it! He has overcome hell and the grave for me -- me, who am I but just a person who is ultimately and completely loved by my Savior? If Jesus had to die for just one person, for just me - He would have come willingly and been brutally tortured and beaten beyond the recognition of even being a man, had a crown of thorns dug into the flesh of his head, had nails driven into his hands and feet, and had a spear pierced in His side - just for me, He would have come!! Still, the unsurpassing amount of His love is something I cannot fathom but truly will be eternally grateful for, for He has saved me from the despair of hell and death!! May we all take time to reflect on what God did for us on the cross those 2000+ years ago and rejoice in knowing He has overcome death and the grave!!

Tis the season of allergy sufferers...

So I do truly love Spring. It is a beautiful season filled with new life, new growth, and warmer temperatures. However, for those of us who are allergy sufferers, Spring is not always the most anticipated season. And most certainly not when you live in the south and pollen is all over the place. I took pics of just some inanimate objects to share with you and show you just how significant the pollen is down here. It is crazy. And my nose and eyes are definitely not appreciating the budding plants and flowers right now. Poor Andrew has suffered too! If you click on the baseball pic in the last post of him and enlarge it, you can tell his poor eyes are struggling to make it through this season as well. We are definitely looking forward to summer when all this initial immense pollenating is done!!!
So here is our SUV - too bad it is not dark in color like the car, you would be able to see the pollen a lot better, but I definitely think you can get the gist :)

Again, the top of our SUV - pollen covered!
And last but not least, this is our tile-top patio table that is in our screened-in porch -- CRAZY!!!

Spring Baseball 2010.

Well, it's official!! Spring baseball has started once again for Andrew and we are excited to watch him play. I snapped a quick pic of him before his first game and was able to get a team photo as well.
One of Andrew's best friends (and the coach's son), Tyler broke his arm in 2 places the night before the first game. We were bummed but are praying Tyler is healed quickly. Here they are in all their glory -- Team Cesco (Bulldogs)
More pics are definitely to come of this handsome baseball player of mine :)

Burial (or shall we say flushing) ceremony for a goldfish

So, a couple of weeks ago Kira came home from Kidstown (that is what they call the Sat night service for kids at our church) with a goldfish. Well, I know nothing about how to care for a goldfish. We had a fish tank growing up but my dad was the one who always cleaned it and cared for it. The fish was fine for a few days. We had nothing to put it in so I found a large mixing/measuring bowl to put him in. Well, I decided I needed to change that water - Not knowing what I was doing, I put the goldfish in a cup while I changed out the water and then put the fish back in. Needless to say, that is not the correct way to change out water for fish and our poor little friend, Sushi (yes, that is what Kira named him) was dead. We kept saying that we had wished we hadn't gone belly-up (courtesy of Finding Nemo) - lol :D. We all traveled to the downstairs powder room and had a ceremonial flushing for Sushi and said goodbye. Kira kept saying "you killed Sushi" - I have to say it was kinda funny and she has definitely forgiven me for it. After this post, it is amazing to me that Samson has been alive all these years :) Here is the ceremony of all of us saying Goodbye to Sushi -- we will miss you little fishy