Friday, August 28, 2009

Are we crazy??????

Now, I am sure most of you would answer yes to that question - lol. Besides the normal crazy stuff of life though, we have decided to let Andrew play fall baseball and flag football this year. Oh and did I mention Kira will be playing soccer as well?! Well, you see, there is an explanation! We had signed them both up to play flag football and soccer this year and when Andrew was at the skills testing for football, the coach of the fall baseball team had asked him to play this year as well b/c he knew Andrew from the spring baseball program. We thought about it and decided to let him play both sports this year, mainly because his coach is an awesome baseball coach and really takes time with the players to teach them real baseball. Andrew absolutely loves baseball and we really believe he has talent to be able to play sports so well - We praise God for the abilities He has given Andrew. He has learned "signs" that the coach gives to the players during a game, he has learned a better way to swing his bat, and his fielding has improved tremendously since he first played in the spring (thanks Daddy for working with him on that when he was there!). It is a pleasure to watch him play! Dave did make a deal with him that if we were to allow him to play 2 sports, then Andrew had to commit time each day to reading his Bible. Everyday without complaint, Andrew has gotten up to read his Bible - it is our prayer that God will use this time to grow Andrew stronger in the knowledge of Jesus!!
Kira has yet to start any practices for soccer but we are really looking forward to see how she will do - we told her if we signed her up, she had to give it her best, that's the only thing we ever request from our kids, that they play their best, not just for us but for God!

Colossians 3:23-24
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

School starts once again

I think when you have a crazy, filled summer, it makes it seem to disappear so much faster, or maybe it's just that I am getting older and it seems that way. Either way, we got the kids back from my parents and within three days, school had begun. The beginning of school is always a bittersweet time. I remember when I was young being sad to see the lazy days of summer go but delighting in the anticipation of what the school year would hold. It's funny that I see the same thoughts in my children. Unfortunately the first week of school was somewhat of a blur to me since I had spiked a fever the first day of school because of the kidney stone issue but I am grateful I was at least able to snap a couple of pics those first few days. It is certainly never a dull moment at Northwood Academy! The kids had orientation Friday, started school Monday, had picture day on Wednesday and were signed up in sports by Thursday. I always look forward to the crazy start of a fun school year. It will be exciting to see what God has in store for these 2 little lives we call our kids this year!!

Enjoying life...

Since the kids were away, Dave and I got to spend some quality time together. It was in the midst of my kidney stone issues so we weren't able to do a ton of fun stuff but just spending time together, not being interrupted, and having quality time is something to always treasure! My husband is such a blessing to me and I can not thank God enough for allowing us to enjoy our lives together. Marriage is not easy but focusing on the one that has blessed us with the gift of marriage is the main reason for the joy and love Dave and I have together. I encourage all of you that are married to not take each other for granted but truly enjoy each other and life together!!

Enjoy life with the one whom you love all the days of your life which He has given to you under the sun for this is your reward in life. Ecclesiastes 9:9

Going home again!

This year since we had cancelled our Disney trip b/c of Dave's surgery, we decided to let the kids visit their grandparents whom they have not seen in over a year. The kids truly love being with family from back home and I know they miss them a ton. It was wonderful for me to get to see my dad, mom, and brother even if it was just for less than 24 hours :( We met them half-way in Virginia and gave up our kiddos for 2 weeks. This is always hard for me to leave them but it makes me realize how much harder it is for our family not to see them all the time too! We are blessed to have loving parents who love and treasure our kids! Here are a few pics I was able to take at the hotel we stayed in overnight :)

Fun, Food, Fireworks!!

July 4th is always a time for me to reflect on how blessed we are as a nation to be free and how grateful I am for those who have fought and died defending my freedom. Thank you to all who have ever served me in fighting for our country - we are blessed by you!!
We were able to have the opportunity to head to friends this year for a yummy picnic and then went to fireworks and came home for some yummy red, white, and blue cake!! We had a great time as a family - I treasure these moments where God allows us to just be together as a family - there is no greater joy!!

Ahhh, where does the time go....

This summer has been a crazy one for us as I am sure it has been for most of you too :) It started off with Dave's surgery and recovery and ended with my surgery and recovery. Yes, unfortunately I have inherited my father's pain in regards to kidney stones (and yes, women, it is definitely comparable to labor if not worse!!). I am grateful for God's healing and grace through all of this. He is definitely the joy of living especially with all the pain we sometimes have to endure in this world.
Once again, I will try and play catch-up and post some more of the fun we had in between the surgeries - haha!! Praying you all are doing well and have had a joyous summer!! Remember, keep serving your King!!!