Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pumpkin pickin and goat and cow feeding...

Kira's K-5 class

pretty girls

Feeding the goat

and the cow

Our friend - "Cactus Cow"

YAY - time to pick a pumpkin

look at all those pumpkins

We weren't allowed to pick the green ones

Amy and Jessie pickin a pumpkin

Kira and her perfect pumpkin

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go with Kira on her field trip to Legare Farms (pronounced Lagree for those of you non SC people). We had such a great time and would love to go back! We picked pumpkins and fed goats, and petted horses, and saw chickens and turkeys, and rode a hayride, and fed cows (what large tongues they have), and played on the playground, and even bought some yummy pumpkin butter!!
After taking quite a while, Kira found her perfect pumpkin and was able to pick it herself. It is proudly on display on our table right now! After we picked a pumpkin, we had a wonderful time feeding the goats who of course were quite messy when they ate. Kira just laughed at them. We got to see chickens and even some of the eggs they had laid. We were able to pet their beautiful horse who was just so sweet (wish you could have been there Dad!!!). After that we had lunch at the picnic tables under the beautiful shade of some massive trees and got to meet the dog from the farm too (he knows the right time to come out). We headed for the hayride and had a great time being covered in hay from Kira and her friends and that is where we took the ride out to the pasture and got to feed the cows. Kira was a little nervous because they warned us we would get slobbered on by their massive tongues. She finally fed one and loved it :) After that, it was playground and tire-swing fun for Kira while I bought some yummy pumpkin butter from the small store at the farm. Kira was exhausted and I was a wee bit worried since she really has an unlimited supply of energy - She fell asleep on the bus and then took a nap when we got home and I think she was "out" before her head even hit the pillow! Sure enough at the end of the day, she had gotten sick and has been running a fever. Well, God's timing was perfect in allowing her to have fun on the trip and not letting her miss it. We thank Him in and for everything!!
It was such a great time for me just enjoying the beauty of the farm for a day and seeing Kira run and play with her friends. It was wonderful because I got to go with a friend too. Jessie's mom Amy (Jessie is the one Kira takes ballet with) and I carpooled together and just had a great time enjoying each other's company, talking about how good our God is. What a blessing it was to enjoy the time with her. She is a true woman of God and I have grown to love her very much :)
Thank you God for such wonderful times and wonderful friends!! As Kira's friend Christian says when you ask her how she is --- "Blessed" and that is truly what I feel!!