Friday, August 28, 2009

School starts once again

I think when you have a crazy, filled summer, it makes it seem to disappear so much faster, or maybe it's just that I am getting older and it seems that way. Either way, we got the kids back from my parents and within three days, school had begun. The beginning of school is always a bittersweet time. I remember when I was young being sad to see the lazy days of summer go but delighting in the anticipation of what the school year would hold. It's funny that I see the same thoughts in my children. Unfortunately the first week of school was somewhat of a blur to me since I had spiked a fever the first day of school because of the kidney stone issue but I am grateful I was at least able to snap a couple of pics those first few days. It is certainly never a dull moment at Northwood Academy! The kids had orientation Friday, started school Monday, had picture day on Wednesday and were signed up in sports by Thursday. I always look forward to the crazy start of a fun school year. It will be exciting to see what God has in store for these 2 little lives we call our kids this year!!