Monday, May 3, 2010

Batting Cages and lessons learned...

A couple of weeks ago we got to take Andrew to the batting cages to practice his hitting. Unfortunately this year, his catching and fielding are doing great but he has struggled to get a hit. We have told him to pray and ask Jesus to help him and he has. The other night after not getting a hit, he asked me why God makes us wait sometimes? Umm, excellent question my son! I told him sometimes we don't know the answer but we need to wait and God will answer in His timing. Sometimes it is just to grow us and see if we will be faithful to continue to trust and ask Him for things in our lives. In the meantime in the spirit of the movie of "Facing the Giants" (one of Andrew's favorites) we have resolved to give God the praise and glory. "When we win (or get a hit) we'll praise Him and when we lose (or strike out) we'll praise Him.
This made me think about our time with support raising as well. We are called and God has confirmed that to us but we are in the waiting and raising support process right now and it's not always easy. We have seen God do great and mighty things but there are days of discouragement as well. We know God is faithful and in his time we will go and be used in full-time ministry/missions for Him!! Whether we go tomorrow or we go in a year, we will praise Him!!

Yes, he has a great swing but we see lessons of faith and waiting being grown in our son.
And even I got into it a little bit :)
And then my amazing and incredibly strong hubby even hit a few too

Kira did not hit in the cages and our sweet little girl never once complained about not having anything to do - she just sat patiently waiting so for a special treat on the way home, Kira got to get a happy meal - just her!! She was so surprised and excited and we told her she was rewarded because she put others first and not herself and not grudgingly either!!
I truly thank God for lessons in my kids (and our own) lives to grow them and mature them into the amazing people He wants them (and us) to be!!