Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First (and Second) Day of School...

We returned home from visiting up north on Sunday afternoon and by Tuesday morning, school had begun. Crazy, I know! The kids are going to public school for the first time ever this year in order to help us save some money before we go to GFA (did I mention I pray that is soon? :)). The kids were nervous but we give thanks to God that the first day went great. I drove them to school the first day and it was crazy - so many kids and parents. It took us forever to get them into school that Andrew was even 5 minutes late :P so no pictures that day. Kira was able to meet her teacher on Monday but Andrew had missed "meet the teacher" since we were away, so of course I as a crazy, highly involved mom wanted to meet his teacher as well. It went great and she was very sweet - Kira's teacher was too. I was praying for them all day and was so excited to go pick them up and see how it went. WooHoo - it went great and they both really enjoyed it. Both of them made new friends. Thank you Jesus for protecting our kids and making them such a blessing to us and to others. Please continue to pray that our kids would be a "light" to their friends and the school. I must admit I am still pretty nervous about this whole thing but I praying and know that God has them in His hands.
Here are a couple of pics from the 2nd day of school and their first time riding the bus! Sorry, some are blurry - not real sure why - maybe because it was 6:40 in the morning - uggghhh!!