Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun at the Fair...

Every year we are so excited when the Coastal Carolina Fair comes to town. I know this is not everyone's thing but boy do we love it! What is even greater is that since we don't do Halloween, it is a great place to go that day and allow the kids to enjoy some good fun and usually the lines are low since most kids trick or treat!! We had such a great time on all the rides, watching the sea lion show, and petting all the animals!! To top it off we finished off the fun-filled kids night at CiCi's pizza - yes a true favorite and rare treat for our kids :)

Petting the animals
The Sea Lion showThis is what we do to Andrew when he is bad!
My girl and I on the merry-go-round
On the Ferris WheelView from the top of the Ferris Wheel
Cute kids


Braley Mama said...

smart idea mama!!!
Great pics too :O)