Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Joy to the World!!

Christmas truly is a joyful time. For if not for the baby born in a manger so long ago, there would be no reason to celebrate. It is our prayer that you each took time this Christmas to praise and give glory to the One who was born and then gave His life for us on the cross!!
This Christmas was a special one for us simply for the fact that I was able to have off for both Christmas Eve and Christmas (and only had to work 2 days that week - woohoo!!). I cannot begin to tell you the last time that happened. God is so good! We woke up early Christmas morning and had a yummy breakfast complete with Dave's famous french toast :). After breakfast, we were able to skype with Dave's mom and she joined us for the reading of the Christmas story (Luke 2) and then for the opening of gifts. It is wonderful that even though she could not be here, she was still able to be a part of it all!! The kids received so many nice things and we are so grateful for the blessings God gives to us each year and truly each day of our lives!!

See Dave's mom "skyping" with us on the computer :)
I also made a yummy dinner that was wonderful except for the new homemade cranberry sauce recipe - woo, can you say sour??? We spent the day playing new games, watching movies, and just enjoying each other!! We pray you all had a truly wonderful Christmas focusing on the reason for the season!!