Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!

Yes, it's true, I am another year older. 36 - WOW!! Truly, I don't really have that much of a tough time getting older. We'll see in 4 years when 40 hits :). God has blessed me so much in my life that really, how can I be upset???
It truly was a wonderful day(s). It all started Monday since we all had off. The kids were so excited to give me their gifts and cards that they could not even wait for my "real" birthday. Dave had taken them out earlier while I was still asleep to get me a gift. They knew what I wanted - slippers!! Yes, I am an extremely cold person and my feet freeze so slippers was probably the best gift they could have gotten me :). The cards they gave me truly were indicative of who they are as people. Andrew's card was funny (of course) and Kira's was taken directly from a sweet Hallmark commercial. Andrew was excited later when he found out that his was actually a Hallmark card too - haha!! Next it was Dave's turn. His card was beautiful and he always seems to make me cry. He also brought home pizza for lunch later which I was really excited about. I do truly love to cook but sometimes I really just don't feel like it. We spent the day as a family just playing games and enjoying our time together. Yummy Tiramisu cake was the perfect ending to my pre-birthday day!!
Tuesday morning (my real b-day) came and I was so lovingly awakened by a beautiful serenade of the Happy Birthday song from the 2 most handsome guys and 1 beautiful little girl in my life!!
It was a wonderful way to start the day. The kids headed off to school and Dave headed to work so it was just me. I checked my e-mail and was utterly in awe by all the amazing birthday wishes that were posted for me. You all are awesome! I enjoyed my quiet time with the Lord and reading my Bible after that and then off to take a shower. As I was coming downstairs after getting ready, I received a phone call from a very handsome man that I should check outside b/c there may be something there. I opened the front door to an amazing bouquet of flowers and an awesome poem written to me by the man of my dreams!! He also told me he wanted me to order the hand-stamped necklace that I had been wanting with the kids names on it!! Yes, it was a truly wonderful surprise!! After a day of just "bumming" on the couch, my family took me to Santi's for a truly wonderful dinner. It is a yummy Mexican restaurant and I always get the same thing. Grilled shrimp with garlic, avocado salad, and spanish rice. I can't ever seem to try anything different b/c this dish is sooooo yummy!! After dinner, it was back home for a restful evening complete with GFA prayer night. Yep, definitely a truly happy birthday!! Pics to follow :)