Wednesday, June 22, 2011

School Days are over....

The end of the school year was really crazy this year. We had Kira's spring chorus program, 2 awards ceremonies, and fun end of the school year parties. The kids had fun this year at their school and the pics are proof.

The focus of Kira's chorus program was all dogs as you can see :) She was Brittany Basset Hound. She had a part in the play as well as being part of singing all the songs.

This is Kira at her awards program. She received a gold medal award for her A.R. reading program and a Chorus certificate.

This is Andrew at his awards ceremony. He received the top excellence in art award for the 4th grade and then received his award for patriot honor roll.

And this cute pic is just one thrown in because I think my kids are cute - hehe :)