Friday, September 9, 2011

Carried to the arms of Jesus!

I have so much to catch up on on the blog but just felt the need to jot down my thoughts right now (as remembrance). It was a crazy and sad night at work last night. My present job is one that I always say is bittersweet. I have seen amazing miracles and yet I have seen the sting of death more times than I care to say. Last night was no exception. After a long hard fight, a child was taken home to Jesus. The parents weren't there when their baby passed - I am grateful they were there before and got to hold their precious daughter. I was in charge and volunteered to hold the child as she took her very last breath. Our chaplain was there and as she was pronounced we both sang "Jesus loves me" and he prayed the most beautiful prayer as we both now knew God had her in His arms. He prayed a gracious prayer of love and praised God that she was spared from the hurt and troubles of this life and yet he prayed for comfort for her family as they are left behind. I can honestly say that in all my years of being in the neonatal ICU, this was the most beautiful moment and one that I will remember forever. It was my honor and complete privilege to hold this baby knowing that the very next moment, she was with my Savior!


The Brooks Bunch said...

Which chaplain was it? He/she needs to be applauded. Sadly they cover the hospital and see this so much more often than we have to. I have always thought they need to be prayed for and thanked for the job they do

Braley Mama said...

you are so brave! So glad you guys were there to send her off the Heaven! Love u