Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Playing catch-up...

Well, I will try to compile a post that incorporates the last few weeks of October as well as the beginning of November (I mean I cant rightfully start the New year without finishing up 2011, can I? :P)
We did not expect the call we got in October to put the house on the market and get ready to come to GFA. In a matter of a week, the house was up for sale - crazy, I know but we had been landscaping and preparing knowing that one day this would come :)
The rest of October and November consisted of a bunch of meetings for us for support-raising. We spoke at our own church, traveled to a church in Seabrook Island, SC, also spoke at a church in Aiken, SC, and went to Tennessee and spoke at a church there. We were also thrilled to be a part of a large missions conference in Myrtle Beach as well. I think it was more of a blessing to us than we were to them ;). God is good and has continued to raise our support and we give Him all the glory.
A few weeks after the first call to put the house on the market, we received another call from our mentors and leaders at GFA that they really needed Dave there to help in the IT department. After much prayer and consideration, we knew this was God's leading. On November 9th, without me or the kids in tow, Dave made the long 17 hour journey to Carrollton, TX to work in the home office at Gospel for Asia. The kids and I wait here for the house to sell and then we will join him there. I resigned from my job in the neonatal ICU on November 17th and now am a stay at home mom to the kids. I continue to seek out churches and pastors and schedule more meetings for support since we are not 100% supported yet.
Please continue to pray for us as it is hard being away from each other but we know this is God's calling on our lives and we just want to do our part to help bring others to Him even if that means a small sacrifice on our part.
So as you can see, it has been a whirlwind the last few months and that is why this blog has suffered. For the one or two of you that actually may read it, thanks for being patient with me ;).