Saturday, August 4, 2012

Journey to Texas (*warning* long and icky)

I really want to write about our trip to the great state of Texas. I don't want to forget God's faithfulness during that long 23 hr drive.  We started a little later than we first wanted because we were invited to lunch by our realtor after our closing.  After a yummy lunch at Jason's deli, we started on our trip.  Dave and Andrew in the penske and Kira and I in the Yukon.  We got on I-26, the major highway that we used all the time in South Carolina, and that's when the excitement started.  One thing I was not prepared for is how the penske truck in front of me drove.  I guess when a truck is carrying the home of a family of 4 it can sway and  swerve.  Yikes!  Praise God for my amazing hubby who truly is one of the very best drivers I have ever known and has saved us from a number of accidents due to his quick thinking and reflexes.
We stopped for our first gas fill-up and as I was trying to get something out of the Penske truck cab, I missed the steps and fell down to the ground.  Ouch!!  I had some very significant bruises as we drove into Texas the next day.
Things were going well until we once again (seems to be a thing for us as it happened when we moved to SC) hit a very significant thunderstorm and downpour.  God definitely answered our prayers through that because he kept both our trucks safe during that even though our visibility was next to nothing at times.
At about this point, Samson (who had done so well on the first trip to Texas in February) decided he was not going to feel well and proceeded to vomit into poor Kira's hands and continued to vomit another 3 times.  All I can say is wow, my daughter is truly going to be a great mom one day ;).  We cleaned up as much as we could until we were able to stop again and let Kira make a b-line to the bathroom to wash.  Ewwww!
Dave and I were planning to stop at a hotel for the night but it just seemed like a waste of time as we would get to lay down for maybe 6 hrs and be out the door in the morning once again.  We crossed over into Texas and found a welcome/rest center and slept in the trucks.  Well, I truly think Dave got more sleep than me as I had both kids and the dog in my vehicle for the sleep time :P.
After about 4 hours of sleep (mine being quite interrupted), we continued on and arrived in Texas in the evening of May 3rd.
We were so excited to get into our rental home and just crash for the night, so excited that in fact our family at GFA who were planning to help us move in the next day were going to come and move us in that night.  That is until we walked into the rental and realized it had not been cleaned.  To be honest, after driving and being in a car for 23hrs, my desire was not to have to clean my new home.  Also, we realized that we did not have hot water even though the water was turned on.  A quick call to our new landlord (who truly has been wonderful) and realizing some people had "dropped the ball" on him for the cleaning, a new hot water heater, a large bag of cleaning supplies paid for by our landlord, a landlord's offer to put us up in a hotel for the night, and a quick call to cancel the moving party for the night, we were finally home in Texas.
I must say God was with us even through these little "bumps in the road".  Our landlord asked Dave why he wasn't cursing at him because of how we found the home and the hot water heater dying the first day?  Dave said he understood that it wasn't his fault and that was not how we were.  Our only desire is to be a light in this world that others may come to know the God we love!!


BB and DB said...

We are so excited for you and your family, Krysten! I hate that it's been so long since we've seen you, but I'm so happy for you. We are incredibly grateful for your time in SC,especially 2009 :) Love you much, The Byrne Family