Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And The Two Shall Become One...

May 24th was a day I am sure Jonathan Russell and Rebecca Maccarelli will never forget since it is the day the two of them became united together in Christ through marriage. I must say for me the highlight was seeing the 2 most adorable kids as ring bearer and flower girl ;) Yes, my children were in the wedding and what an honor it was for us to play a part in this beautiful union. Andrew made us kinda laugh because he did not understand why he had to hold a "girly pillow". We explained to him that this was a very special part and that all boys (including Uncle Free who did it at mommy and daddy's wedding) hold a pillow like this. He felt much better knowing that my brother had done it for us - hehe. Kira Rose, as usual, stole a piece of the show. Last year at my cousin Krystal's wedding Kira was walking down the aisle and throwing the petals beautifully. The problem was that she ran out of petals. About 2/3 of the way down the aisle, she threw her hands up in the air turned around and yelled that she was all out of petals and had to go back for more. We actually coaxed her to come the rest of the way down the aisle and that it was ok. She remembered this when she was asked to play the part of flower girl again at J's wedding. She even told me that she would be careful to not throw so many petals that she would run out. This wedding was going to be different! No way would she add a little extra flair to this wedding. Well, if you know my daughter, she always has a way of grabbing some of the attention. This time she did beautiful, walked down the aisle, throwing her petals beautifully. I thought we did it, we made it down the aisle and no funny shenanigans had taken placel. Well not so with my daughter, this time she had extra petals left in the basket and she decided to turn her basket over at the end of the aisle and dump them. Yes, there were many laughs once again at the pretty little flower girl.
We had such a good time heading home and visiting with our families. It is always such a special time to go home and see the people you love. Here are some of the fun pics of the great time we had while we were there.