Sunday, June 29, 2008


Holy cow, Dave and I had the most awesome time yesterday kayaking in Shem Creek and the Charleston Harbor.
It was the MOST WONDERFUL TIME my husband and I have had in such a long time. It is so awesome to be outdoors and just truly enjoy what God has created. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first but it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!
We left Shem Creek (where I would like to build my dream house one day -- any donations gladly accepted - ) and headed for the Charleston harbor. We saw the most beautiful animals ever (for those of you who don't know, I absolutely love dolphins!!!) and they were swimming right beside us. One brought it's head up right next to us and I got to see such a beautiful profile complete with an eye that I swear was looking right at me We then went out further into the harbor and made it all the way to Fort Sumter - I must say there was one time there where we were in the middle of about 4 motorized boats, one happening to be the humongous freight boat that carries stuff to the port, and we were a wee bit worried since the waves were getting pretty choppy thanks to all our large, could run us over in heartbeat, friends. We just paddled through some tough surf and it was such a smooth amazing experience - even the owners of the place where we rented the gear were impressed that 2 first-timers went out as far as we did. After the harbor, we made it back into Shem Creek and leisurely paddled through the marsh - I will say I have much more of an appreciation for the beauty of it now!!
We made our way back to the rental place and had a great lunch at the Shem Creek Bar and Grill and headed home to the most comfortable bed (at least it seemed to be after that) ever and slept peacefully reminded and rocked to sleep by the waves of our memories of the day (LOLOL - yeah, that was pretty sappy but good, huh???)
This was such a perfect day - It is so amazing to me that God truly blessed me with the most awesome best friend/husband ever!! We just enjoy spending time together no matter what we are doing but we both agreed this was the best!!