Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Charles Towne Landing

November 11th was not only Veteran's Day which I thank our men and women all over the world that have served to protect me, but it was a day for Dave and I to spend with Andrew on his field trip. It was a blessing b/c Dave got to be off that day and enjoy a rare time of going on a field trip! We had such a great time, looking at animals, and all the history and treasures of the past here in Charleston. A day filled with a bunch of second graders always makes for a truly fun time! On of the highlights for Andrew is when he found a large spider and just had to show us - ewwww, I am certainly not a fan of spiders - what are little boys made of??? We could not be more blessed for the kids to be at Northwood Academy - it is truly a wonderful school and we are so grateful to have the privilege of having the kids go there! Btw, yes, lots of pics from this trip :)