Monday, November 10, 2008

Coastal Carolina Fair 2008

Not too many days after we had gone to the fall festival at church and Andrew's field trip, we headed to the Carolina fair on Halloween. We had such a blast and got to spend the night with our good friends, The McGaha's. It was so fun - Andrew and I went on almost every ride that was there - Of course, I am the one screaming on most of the rides and he is just calm as calm can be, saying "that ride was grrrreeeeaaaaatttt!!!" He makes me laugh all the time. Kira was just under the height limit for the bigger rides but she was able to get one some of those as well as the kiddie rides - she had a blast but was somewhat disappointed when she could not make it on some of those larger rides. It was wonderful that her friend Jessie was there and she got to spend time with her when Andrew and I were on the "big kid" rides. Dave went but he is not really one for rides unless they are rollercoasters so he just enjoyed spending time with us all as a family. We were able to pet the animals at the little petting zoo as well. That is always so much fun. One of the highlights of the fair for all of us was when Andrew got picked to take part in the elephant show :) He held the trumpet and the large elephant blew it - he thought it was great. What was truly funny is that they had trained the elephant to "miss" the trumpet and "spray" all over Andrew -- he thought it was the greatest thing, getting slimed on by the elephant!! Thanks Amy for making sure we stopped for the show - it gaves us some great memories and photo ops! We finally left around 10pm but not before we had some true fair food. The kids and Dave shared some great mini doughnuts and I had a fried s'more! So yummy!!! We all came home and slept so great that night. You could not ask for a more perfect Halloween night! Enjoy the pics - they are so funny!