Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another joyous birthday at the Bernetich home...

Yes, another one!!! This time it was Andrew's turn. This amazing little boy of ours turned 9 on Feb 4th. What a blessing he is to us. He makes us laugh (and cry sometimes), gives me the world's best (and tightest) hugs, and is very smart!! We are so blessed God gave him to us to be his parents. For his birthday, we decided to wake him up early with a very pretty rendition of the "happy birthday" song - If you would ever like to hear this beautiful rendition, just ask us - we will be happy to sing it to you - lol :). He had breakfast with lots of kisses from his mommy, and then went off to school. I was able to meet him at school and bring him McDonald's which is a huge treat since we really are not very into fast food or McD's. I also brought him some yummy cupcakes to share with his class as well as some goody bags for them. We decided not to do a big birthday party for Andrew this year since we are trying to stay focused on the mission God has called us to - to raise support to go to Texas with Gospel for Asia. I think he was a bit disappointed but he got very spoiled the day of his birthday, so I think it was ok ;) We took him to CiCi's for pizza that night for dinner which is always a treat!
We came home, opened his gifts and just enjoyed each other as a family!

What was pretty neat is since we all were completely stuffed from CiCi's, we extended his birthday to the next day and had his cake then. Soo yummy!

What an awesome blessing it was to make our son feel like a king -- he is so special to us and we pray he always knows that!!! Happy Birthday to our son!!!!!!