Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow in South Carolina????

Yes, it's true - We had about 5-6 inches of snow this month! It was so exciting to see it again. Yes, I have been a little envious of all the wonderful snow that my parents and family have had this year though I truly don't miss the shoveling or the danger that comes with it. That is what is so perfect about it here - It came, it laid, we played, and then it melted - truly we had no shoveling to do! Also, the snow on the trees here is beautiful - It is unlike back home since the trees are different here.
Kira was in her glory since the same weekend Andrew had been invited to go with our friends and their son to North Carolina to sled, go tubing, and ski. I think she was kinda bummed that Andrew was going to get to play in the snow and she wasn't. You should have seen her face the evening it started - you would have thought it was the most wonderful surprise anyone could have given her. Even though we have many pictures of her in the snow when we lived back in Pa., I truly don't think she remembers it much. She was only 3-1/2 when we moved here so I am sure her memory of snow is pretty shaded.
The pictures are truly a treasure of her priceless expressions and the true joy on her face. How much I love this incredible daughter of mine - she is a treasure and a joy!!
Even though Samson was shivering, he did not want to come inside - he grew up on this stuff :)

Dave had a great time playing with the kids and having snowball fights - some of the kids here have never seen snow before, made me a little sad. And this is what I get for trying to take some memorable photos of this wonderful day :P
This is how a snowman is supposed to look like - only someone from Cleveland, OH could make a snowman this big :) For those that do not know, Dave is 6'4" -- Our snowman was like 8 or 9 feet!!

Oh and poor Andrew had so much snow, that he could not even go skiing since the windchill was -4 degrees. He had a ball tubing and sledding though and even more fun checking out the indoor pool and yummy food that the Poor family had given him all weekend - Thank you Tim, Tammy, and Tyler for taking Andrew on a wonderful snow-filled adventure! He loved it and I just love him more than words can express :) I'll have to post some pics of him later!