Saturday, March 13, 2010

Funny how God works...

It always amazes me how God works for our good and to show us His kindness and love! This week I had a very tough beginning of the week. Something happened and I made a mistake this week and my heart hurt because I hurt someone I truly love and care for! I cried for a couple of days - I won't go into all the details but it weighed heavy on my heart. You know what was amazing - the amazing sweet woman that was hurt (truly by accident) loved me in spite of what happened. Is this not a demonstration of God's love for us??? That He loves us in spite of our mistakes, our short-comings? How awesome that He can use others to show His amazing love for us (and for me)? She was a light to me when I was in a dark place in spite of the tough circumstances and for that I will be forever grateful!!
What baffled me even more is how another friend whom I love dearly as well wrote me on Tuesday to say I was on her heart and she did not know why, but God told her to pray for me the last couple of days! Ummm, excuse me?! God put me - just a lowly person - on her heart. I asked Dave why do you think God does this (have people praying for us when we need it most) - I mean He is sovreign and knows what will happen before it even does - He answered and said "I think He does it for us - to show how much love He truly has for us and how much He cares for us" You know what, I think my husband is pretty smart :)