Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First (and Second) Day of School...

We returned home from visiting up north on Sunday afternoon and by Tuesday morning, school had begun. Crazy, I know! The kids are going to public school for the first time ever this year in order to help us save some money before we go to GFA (did I mention I pray that is soon? :)). The kids were nervous but we give thanks to God that the first day went great. I drove them to school the first day and it was crazy - so many kids and parents. It took us forever to get them into school that Andrew was even 5 minutes late :P so no pictures that day. Kira was able to meet her teacher on Monday but Andrew had missed "meet the teacher" since we were away, so of course I as a crazy, highly involved mom wanted to meet his teacher as well. It went great and she was very sweet - Kira's teacher was too. I was praying for them all day and was so excited to go pick them up and see how it went. WooHoo - it went great and they both really enjoyed it. Both of them made new friends. Thank you Jesus for protecting our kids and making them such a blessing to us and to others. Please continue to pray that our kids would be a "light" to their friends and the school. I must admit I am still pretty nervous about this whole thing but I praying and know that God has them in His hands.
Here are a couple of pics from the 2nd day of school and their first time riding the bus! Sorry, some are blurry - not real sure why - maybe because it was 6:40 in the morning - uggghhh!!

Visiting and Raising....

This past week we had and awesome time with our family back home in PA/NJ. It was so wonderful being with them and just enjoying our time together. We even got to see our family/cousins from Illinois which was such a blessing!
We also met with a few pastors and churches when we were home and a few of them have pledged support and some even want us to come back and share with the church in a few months. What a blessing it was to just share about the awesome ministry of Gospel for Asia - how God is reaching those that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ before!!! We are blessed beyond what we could ever say that God called us to do this work for Him - please pray for our support to come in more so we can get ready and go do the work God has called us to.
Here are some of the highlights from being home.

Does Free secretly want to be pregnant like these beautiful women????
Cousins -- Matt and Dwight
Brent and Maria
Mike and me
No time would be complete at my uncle's house without the playing of WiffleBall
Beautiful Savannah, love her!
Isaac - all boy, love him!!
Great-grandmom with 6 of her 7 great-grandkids - missed ya Ilsa :(
Grandmom with her grandkids and their spouses minus Michelle and Mike :(
And again, no visit would be complete at Mom B's house without playing pool volleyball
Cutest kids ever!!
Andrew being flipped by daddy
Kira being flipped by Uncle John
Crazy fun in the pool
Daddy and his boy
Daddy's little girl - yes, he threw her in the pool in her PJ's
Uncle John and daddy playing football with Andrew
Uncle John with his nephew and niece
Grandmom B and her grandkids
Dave and his dad - please pray for him as he has Alzheimers :(
Dave and his momma

Thank you to our amazing family for allowing us to love you and share with you - you are a blessing to us!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On a lighter and much happier note........

As I stated in the post before I truly believe God has the perfect timing and plan. My kids were taken care of amazingly and so well while I was having the tough time with the stone. I never had to worry who was going to watch them or if Dave had to take off work so they could be cared for - God had it planned the whole time that they would be up north visiting. It is the little things like this where I get excited to see His plan for me.
I have utterly and thoroughly enjoyed my time with my husband - I am so blessed that God gave me Dave to share my life with. He truly is my best friend, soul mate, and love!!!!!!
With that said, I have soooo missed my kids - I have thought about them growing up - it seems it was just yesterday that with my hands trembling, I ran to tell Dave I was pregnant (twice), it seems like yesterday when I was laying in bed on bedrest anticipating the delivery of these precious lives inside of me. It seems like yesterday when Andrew took his first steps and said his first word (cacka - aka cracker). It seems like yesterday when we moved Andrew into a big boy bed, telling him he was going to have a new baby sister. It seems like yesterday when I delivered Kira prematurely and she spent the first week of her life in the NICU. It seems like yesterday when I was praying for God to heal my baby girl who we almost lost to RSV at 2 months of age. It seems like yesterday when we were video-taping Kira saying her first word (bub-bles with emphasis placed on the space between the syllables :)) It seems like yesterday we had signed them up for preschool. It seems like yesterday when I could rock them and hold them in my arms.
Truly our lives are but a fleeting moment but I thank God constantly for allowing me to see these 2 amazing lives grow. I pray for God to continue to draw them near to Him, that they would grow to love Him and serve Him only. Yes, I am so excited to hold these precious children in my arms again and thank God for blessing me and giving me the honor to be their mother.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.


So sorry for not updating you earlier, I think most of you I have talked to. I saw the urologist last Thursday and lo and behold I still have 3 stones (NOT 2) left in my left kidney. I was so disappointed because that means a new stone has formed over the last year :( They will not do anything for them b/c they are all passable size so for now we are just praying they decide to make their home in my kidney and stay there forever ;) As the days have gone on I have felt so much better. It is only b/c of God's goodness and your prayers that I can laugh and thank Him even though I don't understand His plan or reasoning but I can rest in knowing He has the most perfect plan and will for my life. Awwww, there is nothing better than resting on His promises!