Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting Easier...

WOW, I have so much to post which will not all be in this specific post but keep following :). The transition to the new school is going so much easier. God has blessed us with 2 very adaptable kids and I am so grateful for that even though change is not always easy. Andrew is doing amazing - his grades are incredible and he absolutely adores all the science experiments he's getting to do! Kira is doing very well - her grades are wonderful as well and she told me yesterday a number of teachers have affectionately started calling her "sweetheart" (which we have known for a long time ;) ). Thank you all for your prayers during this time.
Please also continue to pray for us as we move forward and continue to prepare to leave for Texas when God says "Go". We still need support so keep us in your prayers that many more would jump on board to support, not us, but the work God is doing!! God has been doing some awesome things and we will continue to give Him the glory and wait for Him!!
More fun posts and updates to come... ;)


Braley Mama said...

Can't wait, but must, for you to get here:O) HUGS!!!! His timing is better then ours, and believe me you will want to wait for it to cool down too:O)

Dave, Krysten, Andrew, and Kira said...

haha Summur - after living in SC for the past 4 years, Texas doesn't scare us too much. This summer has been brutal ;)