Friday, February 18, 2011

Being a better steward!!

I know this may be a crazy post to some but can I just tell you how much I love couponing (is that really a word) and saving money? It is true. A few friends of mine have totally encouraged me in this and it is wonderful to be able to save our family money. I believe this will help us a ton when we go to Gospel for Asia and will have to be on a much stricter budget. I also believe God wants us to be better stewards of our money (1 Corinthians 4:2 - Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy). After all it is God's money to begin with :).
A few of the ways I save is by going to CVS, shopping sales, and using lots (and I mean lots) of coupons!! I love CVS - I don't think I have paid more than maybe a couple dollars at CVS in months with their extra care bucks. To pay full-price for toothpaste to me is unheard of :)! I also use coupons and watch for items on sale - do you know there are times that stores will actually pay you back money for buying an item? For example, let's say that toothpaste is on sale at CVS for $3.79 with getting $3.79 in extra care bucks back plus you can use a manufacturer coupon (which I had for $1.00 off) so in essence I just got paid $1.00 for buying toothpaste :)
Also, this week Harris Teeter had super doubles which means they doubled all coupons with a face value of $1.98 or less -- ummm, WooHoo!! Here is a pic of my deals - cereal for $0.25 - yes, you read that right a quarter!! All of this that is in the picture I got for $42 - and that included 3lbs of sausage as well as some fresh kale!!
So yes, I am loving this and am so grateful to be a good steward as God has called us all to be!!


Braley Mama said...

u go girl! i am so bad at this, and hardly go to CVS so when i do i throw away the bucks,,,,,,u encourage me!