Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kira's New Haircut

A few days after we got home from vacation, we decided to let Kira spend the night at a friends house. It was her very first sleepover with her friend Courtney and since she lives right across the street we thought it would be a great time to let her try it. Well, we thought all was well until of course, there comes a knock on the door the next morning from my friend and Courtney's mom Sherri. It seems that Kira and her friend decided to play hairdresser and lo and behold Courtney had cut Kira's hair pretty short. Poor Sherri, she was mortified that her daughter did this. Thank goodness that Kira did not cut Courtney's hair and for those of you that know the story, it is probably because last year when Kira decided to cut her own hair, she got in trouble (big time) for it. My guess is that she remembered that day and decided not to do it which I must say I was very proud of. Andrew, being the typical big brother he is put fear in Kira when he said they were going to cut it as short as his. She cried and said momma, I don't want to look like a boy -- for sure Andrew got a little scolding after that one (even though I must admit, it was a little funny). All in all, it has worked out since we were planning to cut Kira's hair anyway to rid it of the chlorine/sun damage from all summer. It just was a good amount shorter than what we had first thought. Here is a pic of her just last week after her new haircut and if I must say so myself, I do have the most beautiful daughter there ever could be :)