Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Special Treat

The other night at work during some downtime, I found the cutest recipe to make strawberry mice. I decided to make them for the kids this week as a special fun treat. They were not allowed to come in the kitchen when I was making them and they had no clue what the special treat was. Obviously, the body of the mouse is a strawberry, the ears are slivered almonds, the eyes are mini chocolate chips, the nose is chocolate frosting, and the tail was a fruit roll-up cut in a small thin piece. When I brought out the strawberry mice, the kids cheered with delight at the fun surprise that was in front of them. For those of you that have kids, enjoy these pics and try it for your family too. I guarantee everyone in the family will love it! Dave was able to have one as well and loved it too. He said I was "such an awesome mom" :) Thank you God for the little things that we can love and share as a family!