Thursday, August 28, 2008

A trip to the hospital

I think it's the little things that happen that definitely keep us on our toes and make us be more aware of the important things in life. I have been wanting a new couch/loveseat set and really have been pushing Dave to get it. Not saying that we certainly do not need a couch or will get one as ours is falling apart but sometimes I wonder if God allows things to happen just to make us more aware of what's important in life and focus less on the materialistic things. Last night at our friends house, Kira was playing on the couch and fell off the back of the couch and hit the back of her head. I unfortunately was tending to nature calling when it happened. I heard her cry and yell and ran out to her and she had told me she had fallen off and hit the back of her head. There wasn't any bump but we did put a little ice on it and she seemed to be fine. When we got home she had complained that her head was hurting. I thought, ok, she bumped her head, mine would hurt too so let me go ahead and give her some Tylenol. Within about 15 minutes after that, my little girl started vomiting. At first, (silly nurse/mom I am) I thought well, she is just getting sick but as I was helping her hold her hair back, I realized that this vomiting episode was less that one hour after her hitting her head. She proceeded to vomit and I called my good friend Jess Harrison who was in charge at work for a more calm perspective on things. She had spoked to the nurse practitioners whom all agreed for me to call the pediatrician and head to the hospital so that is exactly what we did.
Before we had even gotten to the hospital Kira had vomited a total of about 7 times. She vomited one more time and they decided to give her some medicine to try and help stop the vomiting. They also did a head CT scan to rule out any significant head trauma. Praise God, the CT scan was negative but Kira was continuing to vomit. At one point, they had said they were going to try and give her some Gatorade and if she kept it down, she could go home. They asked her to sit up and try and drink it and she vomited again. Unfortunately that vomiting event bought her an IV and IV fluids. They had given her some IVF and had taken some blood work which had come back fine so they said again - let's go ahead and send her home. Well, once again Kira moved to sit up and vomited all over. This had been the 11th time. That again had bought her a couple more hours in the hospital and she was finally released to go home at 5am and hallelujah there have not been anymore episodes of vomiting. She does not remember the IV being placed in her hand but she does remember most of the other things that occurred at the hospital last night. We are scheduled for a follow-up visit at our pediatrician today. It has been kind of a toss-up as to whether Kira has a virus with really bad timing coming after her fall or if she did have a mild concussion. She is sleepy today but responds appropriately to things. We will keep you updated on her status and what the outcome at the ped is today. I thank God that He gives us some wonderful people to help share the burden along the way. My friends at work, Jess, Kristina, Christine, and Mindy were all so wonderful and spent some time with me down in the ER while we were waiting. Just them being there placed a little bit of calm in this worried mom's heart. I am thanking God that Kira is ok and praising Him that He is the great physician. How small I am and how great He is and I thank Him that He holds Kira in His arms daily.