Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Outreach

Every year, Northwood Academy has each class do an outreach trip to various local places to share with them the Christmas message and give them gifts of cakes, cookies, and fruit baskets. It is a fun time for the kids to sing a few songs from the Christmas program and really just know that Christmas is more about giving than receiving -- hmmmm, sounds like a familiar Bible verse to me :) It was fun to watch them on their trips.

Andrew went to the Armory, Charleston Southern University, and to visit a classmates (Bella) home who had just been released from the childrens hospital here where I work. It truly was a blessing to see all the kids welcome Bella home even though Andrew was disappointed that she would not accept a welcome home hug from the boys :P Andrew was so excited to be able to see a real gun and then thought it was awesome that the service men handed out keychains and glow bracelets -- you can see him modeling it in the one picture.

Kira's class went to the local fire company not too far from where we live and was able to get a tour of the firehouse as well as sing and share with the firemen. It was truly a great yet busy couple of days during these trips. I do truly thank God that He allowed me to have the time off from work to be able to go on these trips with the kids - it is probably more of a blessing to me than them :)