Thursday, December 3, 2009

Off to Texas and on to Gospel for Asia....

As some of you know already (and some don't), Dave and I have had a heart for missions over the last number of years. God had a lot to teach us before we could come to the point of being in full-time service to Him! It was only through us completely surrendering our will over to Him, that He then opened the doors so that we could be used fully for Him. The week of November 16th was a completely blessed and yet intense week for us. We felt God's call on our life to work full-time for a missions organization called Gospel for Asia and through a lot of prayer, Dave fasting, and meeting with our pastor, we decided to move forward with what we believed was God's calling. The last phase of the interview process required us to head down to Carrollton, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) to be interviewed by the 6 members of the leadership team individually and to work and see what GFA is really doing to fulfill the great commission. What an amazing week. At the end of the week, it was confirmed to the leadership team as well as us that we are to be there to work in full-time missions for Christ. I can't explain the joy and excitement we have as we are continuing in the process of raising support and then moving to work in the home office in Texas. The main focus of GFA is to train up native missionaries in their own land where westerners cannot go and send them out to spread the Gospel. Through the sponsorship of missionaries and children (Bridge of Hope) God is allowing many who have never heard the name of Jesus before come to know the one true God! In India alone, 17 churches are being planted a day! What a testimony to what God is doing. Because of this there is a lot to do in the home office in Texas and that is where Dave and I will be working. We are the link between the supporters here and the missionaries in Asia -- basically each of the home team staff represent about 200 native missionaries.
The reason we are starting to raise support (and the thing I love most about GFA) is that 100% of what people give to the mission field goes directly to the mission field, therefore the hometeam staff must raise their own support. Many of you will be receiving letters from us explaining in more detail what God has called us to! We are giving up our lives to focus on the reason we are here on this earth - to love and serve our Lord and Savior and to share Him with others.
The blessing of that week at GFA will remain in our hearts forever and we can't wait to be there full-time. Pray for us as we know Satan does not like (in the least bit) what we are doing and has already tried to attack us! Pray that we will remain strong and focused on Christ and that our support will come quickly! We know it is NOT us, only GOD that is working through us for this purpose! If you would like more info, please let us know! We would love to share more of what God is doing and has done specifically in the last year to bring us to this point!
The pictures are ones of us at GFA and the last day we were there and the confirmation placed on our hearts and the leaders hearts that we are truly called to live for God in this way!