Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Kira Rose!!!

7 years - where does the time go? I remember the day you were born my sweet girl! You came into this world earlier than you were supposed to and I kept saying, No, they don't need to take you to the NICU - you'll be fine!! At that point there was no longer a NICU nurse but a mom with a beautiful new daughter that did not want her to be taken out of my arms! You made it home after a week in the NICU and we thought we were home free -- little did I know there was still some fire and trials we were to go through with you and your young life. At one week shy of 2 months, my sweet little girl was rushed to the ER and subsequently taken to St Christopher's Hospital for children for a 10 day stay because of a little virus known as RSV. I will never forget the doctors telling us that if we would not have awoken that night, if we had not gotten you to the ER, if we would have not....
my baby girl would be in the arms of Jesus right now.
To think of the last 7 years with this amazing little girl brings more joy to me than I can even share!! There is never a dull moment with Kira Rose!! Her giggles are infectious, they make you laugh right along with her. Her smile is a God-send on tough days. Her innate ability to have maternal instincts and care for us and her baby dolls is beautiful, her eagerness to help me clean and cook is completely amazing, and her precious life is such a gift from our Savior!! Thank you Jesus for allowing us to spend these years with this special child of yours!! It is a privilege to have her entrusted to us. Happy Birthday Kira Rose - We love you more than words can express!!
The pics are from a little party at school that we had the day of her b-day. She helped me make yummy orange cinnamon rolls the morning of her birthday too. We decided this year we would not have a big party with everything that we have going on - we would just have a little party the next night with some of her friends (and daddy and mommy's friends too :D). Oh and the last pic I threw in for fun just b/c I can see this pic resurfacing in another 10 years or so -- just maybe with Kira being a little bit taller ;)