Friday, April 2, 2010

Tis the season of allergy sufferers...

So I do truly love Spring. It is a beautiful season filled with new life, new growth, and warmer temperatures. However, for those of us who are allergy sufferers, Spring is not always the most anticipated season. And most certainly not when you live in the south and pollen is all over the place. I took pics of just some inanimate objects to share with you and show you just how significant the pollen is down here. It is crazy. And my nose and eyes are definitely not appreciating the budding plants and flowers right now. Poor Andrew has suffered too! If you click on the baseball pic in the last post of him and enlarge it, you can tell his poor eyes are struggling to make it through this season as well. We are definitely looking forward to summer when all this initial immense pollenating is done!!!
So here is our SUV - too bad it is not dark in color like the car, you would be able to see the pollen a lot better, but I definitely think you can get the gist :)

Again, the top of our SUV - pollen covered!
And last but not least, this is our tile-top patio table that is in our screened-in porch -- CRAZY!!!