Friday, April 2, 2010

Burial (or shall we say flushing) ceremony for a goldfish

So, a couple of weeks ago Kira came home from Kidstown (that is what they call the Sat night service for kids at our church) with a goldfish. Well, I know nothing about how to care for a goldfish. We had a fish tank growing up but my dad was the one who always cleaned it and cared for it. The fish was fine for a few days. We had nothing to put it in so I found a large mixing/measuring bowl to put him in. Well, I decided I needed to change that water - Not knowing what I was doing, I put the goldfish in a cup while I changed out the water and then put the fish back in. Needless to say, that is not the correct way to change out water for fish and our poor little friend, Sushi (yes, that is what Kira named him) was dead. We kept saying that we had wished we hadn't gone belly-up (courtesy of Finding Nemo) - lol :D. We all traveled to the downstairs powder room and had a ceremonial flushing for Sushi and said goodbye. Kira kept saying "you killed Sushi" - I have to say it was kinda funny and she has definitely forgiven me for it. After this post, it is amazing to me that Samson has been alive all these years :) Here is the ceremony of all of us saying Goodbye to Sushi -- we will miss you little fishy