Friday, April 2, 2010

For God so loved the world that He gave....

I was thinking of how significant today is for those of us that are believers! The day we celebrate the death of our Savior -- celebrate, isn't that kind of weird to say that we celebrate the death of our precious Savior. I was thinking as I was reading God's precious Word today - what if our Savior had never come, what if our God did not love us as much as He does, what if Jesus had not died and been risen again to life? How meaningless would this world and our lives be? But to know that that the creator of the universe came down in the form of a man and shed His blood for us, for those that believe and repent and follow the Savior and walk with Him, and obey His word, how truly sweet and amazing His love and grace and death really is!!! I celebrate my Savior's death because I know He has overcome it! He has overcome hell and the grave for me -- me, who am I but just a person who is ultimately and completely loved by my Savior? If Jesus had to die for just one person, for just me - He would have come willingly and been brutally tortured and beaten beyond the recognition of even being a man, had a crown of thorns dug into the flesh of his head, had nails driven into his hands and feet, and had a spear pierced in His side - just for me, He would have come!! Still, the unsurpassing amount of His love is something I cannot fathom but truly will be eternally grateful for, for He has saved me from the despair of hell and death!! May we all take time to reflect on what God did for us on the cross those 2000+ years ago and rejoice in knowing He has overcome death and the grave!!