Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baseball Ends...

Yes it's true, baseball has come to an end. It was a good year and the Cesco Bulldogs came in first place. Andrew did well this Spring - not a great hitting season but it was so wonderful that he was able to learn a new position -- catcher -- and he truly loves it! We are very proud of him and were very excited that Coach Tim was his coach once again - he truly loves the kids and loves to teach them the sport of baseball. We got to enjoy an end of the season party, complete with pizza and cupcakes. This is Andrew's last season playing sports until we get to GFA. Even though we truly enjoy watching him play, God has called us to be focused on the task of raising support and baseball had taken that away a bit.

Andrew and Coach Tim
A sweet encouraging talk by a wonderful Coach
Coach Tim and Tammy - truly the best team mom ever and a good friend too!

Holding the championship trophy!!
And yes, silliness always abounds!

Sports are wonderful and fun to play but God needs to always come first in ALL things - a gentle reminder to us all!