Thursday, June 3, 2010

End of School Fun for Andrew too :)

Andrew got to enjoy a ton of fun at his end of school picnic! Oh and if I did not mention before how much we love summer and all the yummy summer goodies, Andrew ate 8 pieces of watermelon that day :) It was fun seeing him with all his friends - I know he is going to miss them terribly next year! He had his class awards program as well and I cannot tell you how proud we were of his award - He received the Bible Scholar award and his teacher said that she has even asked him questions when she was unsure of an answer -- WOW, what a blessing to a parent's heart! It was truly the best award he could have ever gotten!

Good eatin' with friends

Andrew with his teacher Mrs. McGee after he got his award!
Best Award EVER!!!!!
And again, what a blessing to be able to have his grandparents there to share with them!!


Braley Mama said...

Congrats Andrew!!!! What a fun time with family!