Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sprinkler fun and a fun new bug friend too :)

So, as I stated in the previous post, it is HOT and it is not even truly officially summer yet :). I am so excited to only be working part-time this year. I work 2-12 hour nights one week and 3-12 hour nights the next week. This has been a blessing to be able to spend extra time with the family and especially with the kids during summer break! Anyhoo, we went out in the sprinklers in the yard this week and had a blast, yes even I got in on the fun and got totally soaked. It always amazes me how much fun and what means the most to the kids - cold water and their mom joining in on the fun on a hot day = wonderful fun and laughter! Thank you Jesus for the blessing of my kids and for their contentment in the little things!
Oh and I almost forgot - meet our new friend, our leaf bug.
These are so cool to me that God made this creature to blend in and be able to protect itself from predators. Actually after we took the pictures he left and headed for the grass and we could not find him! Awesome things our God creates!