Friday, June 5, 2009

Introducing the Graduating Class of 2021....

Yes, that is what they announced at the end of Kira's K-5 graduation! 2021 - Can you believe it? It seems so far away! I know these years go quick though and I just want to treasure every moment I have with my children. I did not cry the day she graduated - I cried the day after knowing I would never again attend one of my children's Kindergarten graduations! What a surreal moment. We are so blessed to have our kids attend Northwood Academy! The academics and teachers and aides there are just amazing and the men and women of God who love our children and strive to teach them God's ways there are beyond what any parent could want for their children. Sometimes I complain about working but it is a blessing knowing that my children are able to attend a Christian school where the things of the Bible are being taught! For that reason, I would work all the time if I needed to! Thank you God for the blessing of Northwood Academy!!
Kira graduated with all 5's (that is the highest you can get :P) on her report card and she was voted "Most Expressive". Any of you who know her, know she is a drama queen and one day very well might be a lead in some play - who knows - lol!!!