Friday, June 5, 2009

May 28th - Last Day of School!!

Andrew finished out the school year with a bang (in more ways then one!). Andrew unfortunately missed the end of the year bowling party for the Second grade because he broke one of the things on the playground at school from being too rough! (This was our punishment, not the school's). As Mrs Robinson says, he is 200% boy and there is no denying that! I'd have to say he redeemed himself to us Awards day!! Andrew won three awards on this day! He first was the highest achiever in his class for the Accelerated Reader program. He then took home a blue ribbon in the Presidential physical fitness program (signed by our president - lol, more like stamped but Andrew was excited). And what totally made us sit in awe was the fact that he won "Most Outstanding Student" for his second grade class! He came home with a report card of all A's -- the lowest average being a 97%. What a privilege it is that God has chosen us to be this little boy's parents! We just pray that we can be used by God in a way that Andrew will seek after Him first!! Thank you Jesus for this blessing we have called Andrew!!!!