Friday, June 5, 2009

May 2009 - a month of endless activities and excitement!

Where do I begin - May was one of those months that you blink and it is gone - sometimes that's not such a bad thing :P The beginning of May started with the celebration of Fabio and Elizabeth's wedding on the 2nd - how beautiful to see 2 lives joined together as one in Christ Jesus. May 6th was a day I will never forget - Dave had surgery on his neck (spine to be exact). For those of you who do not know, Dave injured his neck/spine to the point of risking paralization and needed surgery to fuse c5-7 in his spine. What a rough time that was - Dave (as big as he is) does not do well with anesthesia or meds and had a really rough time coming out of it (blood pressure went through the roof, anxiety/pain attacks). Not fun for a wife to watch her husband go through. Thankfully we had some wonderful friends, Scott and Amy, watch the kiddos for us so I could be there with Dave at the hospital - it was more of a blessing than I could ever indicate to them. He made it through and we are now in the recovery period - more surgeon follow-ups to come...
May also was a month of a boat-load of end of the year activities for our kids. (pics will probably have to continue into another post - haha). Kira had her big K-5 end of the year trip to Edventure in Columbia, SC. That same week, she had her ballet recital. She graduated on May 21st and won the award for "most expressive"! Andrew has continued to have baseball games at least twice a week and then he finally completed school on May 28th with an awards assemble where he received the "most outstanding student" of his second grade class - he also was the highest student in the accelerated reader program and won the highest achievment (the blue ribbon) in the presidential fitness campaign! Yes, we are so proud of our kids - what a blessing they are to us and we just continue to thank God for them daily!!! I think with all the activities that happened this month, I will post a separate blog for each of the exciting activities pictures. For now, enjoy Dave right before surgery and Fabio and Elizabeth at their wedding :) Oh and did I mention, we actually made it to the beach one Sunday afternoon too :)