Friday, June 5, 2009

Pirates Baseball Season 2009

This was Andrew's first year to play baseball and play baseball he did!!! We are so proud of him - for his first year, he only had one strike-out and hit the ball every other time. He had a total of 4 homeruns and a ton of RBI's and caught a beautiful line-drive! We are going to work on his fielding this summer and fall but I can say for his first time playing, we could not be prouder! Our team had 6 wins and 8 losses this year but they were a great group of kids with wonderful coaches! Thank you Coach Phil and Coach Danny! Andrew has decided to quit soccer this fall in hopes of playing fall-ball and he is heading to a baseball camp this summer at the University by us!! Don't tell him, but I think he has definitely found his passion - lol!! Our congrats go out to the Braves team this year who went undefeated - we are so proud of those boys and all the boys who played baseball this year! See ya next spring (or in the fall at school - lol)!!